Fang & Feather opened its doors in 2012 in the growing Kenton neighborhood where owners could walk from their houses or apartments to find a friendly store stocked with a wide variety of affordable supplies, including food, toys and accessories for cats, dogs, birds, bunnies and other small animals.

In a neighborhood where many homes have chicken coops, Fang & Feather has found a niche offering a wide variety of chicken food and supplies as well as knowledgeable advice from the staff on raising backyard chickens.

The personal service and attention that the store’s team gives their customers ensures the very best recommendations for each individual pet’s needs. Fang & Feather is proud to be an integral part of the thriving North Portland Kenton neighborhood business district.

Fang & Feather is deeply committed to giving back to the community it serves. Over the years, the store has partnered with numerous local rescue organizations, providing space for outreach, hosting pet food drives, donating food and supplies, and making monetary contributions. The many groups supported include: Multnomah County Animal Services, The Pixie Project, Panda Paws Rescue, Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, Underdog Railroad Rescue, PAWS Team, Fences for Fido, Strut Your Mutt, Family Dogs New Life Shelter and Newberg Animal Shelter.


NancyNancy Fedelem, Owner

It is probably no surprise to anyone that Nancy loves animals, but what you may not know is that her love for dogs was not immediate. Her first pets were cats, including Rosie, who lived a long and happy life of 19 years, and James, a street kitten who followed her home one night and now lives the good life. But it was the Rottweiler/Lab mix named Monk whom Nancy’s husband adopted just five days after their wedding who changed everything. Monk made Nancy a dog lover, growing her appreciation for animals and eventually leading her to run her own pet supply store.

As the owner of Fang & Feather, Nancy is involved in every detail of running the store, but her favorite part of the job is helping customers find the best food, treats and toys to give their pets a great life. Nancy lives in North Portland, not far from the store, with her husband and family of now four dogs and one cat.

From Nancy’s dog, Parker:

My full name is Parker J. Bearington and I am a Border Collie/Lab mix…I think. Before my owners adopted me, I was a street dog in Panama and was rescued after being hit by a car. The fact that I lost my leg in the accident doesn’t really phase me. I get around just like any other dog. I am very loving but also demanding and a big ham for attention. No one can resist my soft ears and sweet, loving brown eyes.

I love visiting the store with my mom where I am the official manager of the treats table, making sure all of them are delicious enough for our discriminating doggy customers. I am paid in belly rubs.

Jenn Hood, Store Manager

Jenn has been a part of Nancy’s furry enterprise since 2005. Before then, she gained experience in natural, healthy foods and produce working at Portland icons Natures and New Seasons. She believes that food is medicine, and that a healthy diet can help people, and their pets, manage allergies and other dietary concerns. Jenn thrives on talking with pet owners about basic nutrition, and can always make excellent recommendations about pet foods and supplements.
Happy Hour—when certain dog treats go on sale—is Jenn’s favorite time of day. Of course she is happy any time the store is full of fanged faces (dogs or cats) and their owners.

Another favorite moment is when new deliveries come in. It’s exciting learning about new products, she notes, because all Fang & Feather pet foods are hand-picked for purity and high quality. Jenn credits Nancy for dog-matching her with Pepsi, a Pitbull/Mix rescued from Mexico. Then there’s Rocket, a Chihuahua/Cattle Dog mix she adopted after it survived being set on fire. Both dogs (and an elderly cat named Josephine) give her endless delight, even if they have an obnoxious habit of rousing her for breakfast at 4:30 in the morning.

Cesar Altamirano, Assistant Manager

Calling it his lucky day when he got hired on at Fang & Feather Pet Supply, Cesar has been part of the team for 2.5 years now. He’s a small animal expert, and his knowledge doesn’t stop with the care and feeding of cute and cuddly rodents like mice, rabbits, and Guinea pigs. He has about 10 pets in his menagerie, ranging from one dog, two cats, a snake named Raoul, and a hedgehog. There are also three tarantulas and two geckos.
It’s this background that makes him an excellent resource for pet owners who own, or want to own, critters that are a bit more exotic.

From habitat to food, Cesar enjoys teaching pet owners how best to care for these unique charges.
He can discuss the pros and cons of feeding frozen or live mice to snakes, or why Dubia roaches might be a better food choice than crickets.
Because his beloved Dachshund, Bullet, has a sensitive stomach, Cesar is also well-versed in the dietary challenges faced by dogs and cats. Like his Fang & Feather counterparts, Cesar believes that the quality of food is integral to the quality of life. This is as true for reptiles and rodents as it is for dogs and cats.
“We offer high quality products,” he explains. “And most of what we have are things we’ve tried and used ourselves. It helps us understand what our customers are dealing with, and it helps us make better recommendations.”

Nik Hahn, Purchasing Manager

Pets and plants really go better together, and that is one reason why Fang & Feather added a garden center. It’s also Nik’s job to stock the shelves with organically grown, pesticide-free, pet-friendly items that customers can buy with confidence.
Because so much of her time is spent in the office, Nik enjoys being on the floor, educating customers and Fang & Feather staff about what kinds of plants are great for their garden and their pets.

One of her biggest joys are customers who have never grown anything before. With a bit of advice and encouragement, they start growing tomatoes or catnip. “It’s an aha! moment, they feel empowered when they learn they can grow their own food and herbal medicines for themselves or their critters,” she said.

The goal at Fang & Feather is to offer a little bit of everything folks need to put in their garden. The list includes sustainably grown, regionally sourced, pesticide-free plants, including house plants, edible medicinal plants, ornamental flowers, shrubs, and trees. Not only that, Nik says, Fang & Feather will include a rating system that explains plant toxicity. “We want to tell folks what is pet safe and what isn’t” something other nurseries or garden centers do not consistently do. “This helps folks make better decisions about what to plant in their yards.”

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